Rhythm of the Everyday by Zeljko Radic and Senye Shen

Delicate prints and fine lines make visible the vibrations of the Universe at the Fitzroy Library

Rhythm of the Everyday showcases recent printmaking and drawings that explore impermanence and instability in our everyday environment. Both artists engage layering and the repetition of lines to reflect the fleeting transience of the world around us.

Zeljko Radic’s work stems from his interest is in the experience of movement at the fringes of the urban environment. In his practice he uses drawing as a primary medium that leads to animation and projected installation.

Senye Shen’s etchings and woodcut prints engage with idea of transience in the natural world. Shen’s interest in the perception of movement and energy flow within nature are explored through these highly optical scenes.

Rhythm of the Everyday features intensely detailed and highly constructed works that consider the perception of seeing and discovery in an everyday environment.