Make Up Something Better by Jessie Willow Tucker

Loudly referencing commodification of imagery in mass culture, Jessie Tucker’s custom designed wallpaper for Richmond Library will feature images of magic and fantasy landscapes overlaid with sticker-like graphics.

Jessie is a cross disciplinary artist whose work includes paintings, illustrations and surface designs for textiles and wallpaper. She uses the space within the supposed empty sentimentality of kitsch landscapes to explore emotional, philosophical and existential dilemmas. Tucker believes that irony and sincerity are compatible world-views, and that her work is a space in which they have overlapping domains of applicability.

Jessie’s work aims to remind the viewer to be critically aware of the systems of power behind the cultural products and information they consume and to inspire them to use the power of their own imagination to create meaning in their life.

Available for viewing during Richmond Library opening hours.