Cam Butler Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Now Closed

Find Your Love is the title track to the forthcoming album from local composer and guitarist Cam Butler that will be played in full at the Richmond Theatrette this September.

Find Your Love [radio edit] is the just released title track to the forthcoming album from local composer and guitarist Cam Butler. This track, further songs from the album plus a host of others from Cam’s back catalogue, will be played at a special concert at the Richmond Theatrette this September.

The album features a fourteen-piece string section, guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. It’s a complete mini orchestra, an exciting sound and Cam’s best work to date. Find Your Love is full of sweeping melodies and lush textures. It has a sound unlike anything else.

Cam has launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to source funds to complete the album’s production. All contributors to the campaign receive a free download of the Find Your Love [radio edit] single. There are some nice rewards involved with the Pozible campaign and it’s a chance to pre-order the album too.

About the album, Cam says: “In making Find Your Love, I want to create an album which has a thrilling and exciting ensemble sound. I aim to achieve this through composing for, and recording, a fourteen-piece string orchestra with a live backing band. My unique electric guitar sound will be a major feature of this album helping to create an emotive and personal world.”

About Cam Butler – guitarist, composer, producer

Cam Butler is a Melbourne-based guitarist and composer. He has developed an instantly recognisable guitar and compositional sound; romantic, soulful and lush. He has been active for over twenty-five years on the Australian live and recording scene. Cam Butler founded and performed with the three-piece instrumental band, Silver Ray, who were active from 1998 to 2008. The band played extensively in Melbourne, toured Australia’s East Coast and released four albums, three of which were released on Brokenhorse Records in the UK.

Cam Butler is currently working with Australian musical legend, ex-Died Pretty singer, Ron S. Peno in the band Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions. The band has released two albums and played extensively in Melbourne as well as touring France, Italy and Spain. Work on a third Superstitions album has begun and the album will be completed in mid 2017. Since 2003 Cam Butler has released seven solo albums. These albums are all instrumental and vary from guitar-based soundscapes to works with string ensembles, both large and small. His album from 2012, Save My Soul, featured a twenty-three-piece string orchestra and was presented live in Australia, Europe and Beijing.


The launch of Find Your Love is funded by the City of Yarra through our Annual Grants program.