New Arts and Cultural Strategy Adopted by Council

Yarra’s new Arts and Cultural Strategy 2016 – 2020 was adopted by Council on Tuesday 2nd August.

Yarra City Council has a new Arts and Cultural Strategy 2016 – 2020 to guide the work of the Arts and Cultural Services Team for the next five years. The Strategy was developed in collaboration with the community, Council staff, the Yarra Arts Advisory Group (YAARTS) and members of other Council advisory groups. We would like to thank the numerous people who commented on the Strategy and took the time to fill out our survey or attended a focus group.


Our vision is for arts and culture to be integrated into our City so that it can be an everyday experience; enjoyed by all of our community, whether they are makers, facilitators, audiences, participants or passers-by. Creativity can occur anywhere and at any time and creative pursuits are open to everyone.

Embedding arts and culture into Council’s services offers unique outcomes and adds value to our work.

Priority Areas

1: Aboriginal Arts and Culture are Valued

Council is committed to upholding the proud Aboriginal history of Yarra and to promoting its rich cultural heritage and contemporary arts practices. Council can take a leading role to develop an Aboriginal arts and cultural program that celebrates Aboriginal people, history and culture and that embraces the future of Aboriginal arts.

2: Yarra is a Creative City of Artists

Yarra is a creative City with numerous creative assets and many artists as residents. Yarra is home to an expansive number of galleries, peak cultural organisations, live music venues, studios and creative hubs. Council plays a key role in nurturing creativity.

3: Our City is Changing

Increasing population and changing demographics pose challenges and opportunities for creating and experiencing the arts. Council’s role in developing and facilitating partnerships and being responsive to change will keep programs relevant in a shifting landscape.

4: Yarra is Many Things to Many People

Council will recognise and celebrate diversity in the arts and respond creatively to the needs of different communities, localities and cultures.

You can view the full Strategy here: ARTS AND CULTURAL STRATEGY 2016 – 2020 (PDF). This will be printed and published soon.


Image: Peel Street Park and the work Shaping Change by Rebecca Power and William Wilding, and the projection work Super by Salote Tawale.