At the End of The Rainbow

The Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy has responded to noise complaints by building a new wall at one end of their beer garden.

Adam King and his brother Jason have operated The Rainbow for the last six years and there has been a pub on the site since 1869. For many years, The Rainbow offered live music seven nights a week, but with gentrification of the neighbourhood, and factories becoming high density dwellings, the old-school live music pub wasn’t viable anymore. Adam and Jason injected new life into the venue with good beer, food and service and music (albeit not as much live music as in it’s heyday) They now cater to a diverse crowd ranging from 20 somethings to the over 50’s with a mix of Blues, Roots, Soul, Indie & Bluegrass on the bill.

Whilst Adam and Jason believed they were well within the SEPP N-2 guidelines, complaints from neighbours led them to be proactive and to solve the problem once and for all. A grant from Yarra City Council’s Live Music Venues Grants Program was part of the budget for a substantial renovation of the venue. Adam and Jason did a lot of research to find out what would give them the best result.  This involved consultations with town planners, sound engineers, builders and architects.  Whilst this was a lengthy and costly process, their decision has led to a great result both for their business and for the local community.

Council has grants available to venue owner/operators for noise attenuation works, acoustic engineering consultations and treatments that can reduce issues associated with live music in Yarra. Adam and Jason can attest to the fact that the application process is straight-forward and well worth the effort. Please follow this link for more information.

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Photos of Adam King, the new wall at The Rainbow and Twitch by Michael Ward.