Live Music Venues Grants Now Closed

The Live Music Venues Grants are a Council response to issues related to noise and patron behaviour complaints experienced by venues. The program is designed to be a quick response and it is incentivized.

These Grants have been updated to include other kinds of creative spaces. Please see the new Grant Guidelines here. 

There are over 500 licensed venues in the City of Yarra and about 50 of these offer a live music program.

The Live Music Industry has been either the focus of, or a consideration in, a number of state and local government task-forces and working groups since 2003. Of concern to all has been the increasing tension between residents living in dense housing close to major activity centres, and licensed venues disturbing the peace with loud music and noisy patron behaviour.

There is also a growing appreciation of the Live Music Industry and the contributions it makes to the economy and to the cultural fabric of the community.

The City of Yarra has taken a very proactive approach to supporting the sector to continue to operate and flourish and enabling venues and residents to be good neighbours. Some of these initiatives include the establishment of the Live Music Working Group; the loading zone and parking permit scheme; commissioning the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival that is focused on venues; and, the establishment of the Live Music Venues Grants Program.

The total Program pool is $25,000 and funding is capped at $2,000 for a standalone grant or at $5,000 for a matching grant – this is when the venue is able to make a matching contribution of its own towards the project.

To be eligible to apply for the funds, the organisation must be:

Please note: Applicants will need to provide a quote for proposed works.

What the funds can be used for:

  • acoustic treatment related works, such as installing insulation, air locks, sound absorbing materials, gap seals etc.
  • acoustic consultant fees
  • acoustic measuring devices/equipment
  • building surveyors fees related to assessment of the existing building
  • town planning consultants to advocate for the interests of the venue where a nearby development is proposed
  • other materials/services that may assist with the venue’s management of noise and patron behavior related complaints

What the funds cannot be used for:

  • to pay for works that have already been done
  • for expenses that are clearly related to the daily operations of the business


Applications are open all year round until the funding pool is exhausted. Applicants will be notified of the outcome within two weeks.

How to apply

Applications can be made online.

Please note: Applicants are eligible to receive one grant per venue per round.

For more information

Contact Arts, Culture and Venues on 9205 5038 or


Image: Photos of Adam King and Twitch by Michael Ward showing the new wall at The Rainbow.